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Composition on Rural Life: Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a small country but a large number of people live in this country. In Bangladesh maximum people live in the rural area and they always try to change their luck standing in their place by hard working. In our country a large number of people who have been born suffer. They always try to survive by themselves. In the rural area agriculture is the main way to change their luck but uneducated and ignorant people are unable to get their legal profit from their agriculture.

Different types of people live in rural areas but most of the people are illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant. Only a number of the people are educated. So, different types of superstition and obstacles are contained in society. The rural people are always depending on nature. They cultivate their crops by depending on nature. If a natural disaster comes any time they have to challenge with disaster. Sometimes natural calamities destroy their crops, cattle, horses, and their goods. In these natural calamities, many people also lose their life. They always dream a tiny dream so they cannot change their life and their luck.

The communication system of the rural area is not so good. So the people of the rural area are unable to communicate easily from one place to another place. They are unable to get proper education and proper treatment. Though there are a large number of people living in the village there are not enough employ’s opportunities, enough educational institutions, enough health complex, enough meals, and factories, etc., as a result, they are deprived of modern technology and modern life. As many people are uneducated in the rural area they are unable to apply seeds and fertilizer in their fields.

The lower percentage of the educated people in the rural areas does not get modern educational facilities which are given in urban areas people. Primary and high school teachers in rural areas do not gain much salary and much facility. So they do not pay attention when they teach their students. A large number of students read in a small class. For over students, the teachers are unable to give proper education and control their students.  So the students are unable to get a proper education. Many students also fall from primary education. As a result, when the students face any interview and any exam in any job market they are unable to get the job for their failure.

Everybody knows unemployment is a curse for any nation, any society, any family, and any country. The rural educated people are rising day by day but they do not get a proper job in the village and they have no experienced any work. For searching job, they come and gather in the city but they do not get any good job. When they are unable to fill their purpose they start criminal activities. Their guardians think that their sons will send money from the city for them but after some days their sons come back to their house being as criminals.

Despite being many problems in the rural areas, there is no alert among all government staff. But our govt. always says that I am changing Bangladesh and I always stand beside the hungry people but it is limited after saying.

There are some positive sites in rural life. These positives are- rural people can take fresh and green vegetables, fruits like blackberry, carrot, coconut, green coconut, orange, mango, pineapple, palm, papaya, guava, watermelon, banana, jackfruit, etc. without formalin because they cultivate these fruits in their land.  They are also able to eat fresh meat, fresh egg, fresh milk, etc.

Though there are some advantages and disadvantages between rural life and city life all life is hard and all life is easy if we can enjoy our life and build up our career accurately.