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Essay on Urban Facilities

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God made men and men made cities. Cities are created with the process of industrialization and lesser dependency on agriculture. Business and trade take the place of agricultural activities. Buildings and streets are constructed and they become busy with commercial activities. In ancient times, cities used to be surrounded by strong walls which would protect the dwellers therefrom outside attack. Cities were safe and people were attracted to live there even paying high taxes. It was the center of political and military activities.

In modern times cities offer many kinds of facilities including employment, comforts of living, business, government offices, utility services, hospitals, recreation facilities, and a variety of foods and consumer goods. As city people possess money and can spend better, they are offered all sorts of amenities available. City activities are money-centered. As city people earn better they spend greater. City life is apparently full of pomp and color, though it does not mean that people here are happier than those in rural areas. They eat and wear better. But this betterment is also not for all. There are slums in city outskirts, where poor people live. They lead their lives in utter distress there. Income disparity and wealth gap in cities are greater than that in villages.

Cities have well-constructed buildings to live in comfortably. They have a water supply, electricity, and gas line. People need not go to ponds or rivers to bathe and wash. They can do these inside the very buildings. During the night and even during the day, if necessary, they are illuminated with electricity. There may be load shedding when chargers or IPS provide light. Cooking in the kitchen is done on a burner where a gas supply is available. There is no hassle of timber burning. The high-rise buildings have lifts so dwellers can move up and down easily. Some apartments have intercoms and own security arrangements. On the ground floor or basement, there is a parking facility. These are the dwellings of the gentlemen who have good income.

In the residential areas, there is a system of waste disposal which all follow. The garbage collectors come at a particular time and knock at the door. They collect garbage from house to house and dump them in far locations. Big garbage cans can also be found here and there on the roadside. The city corporation workers collect garbage from those cans and carry them on their trucks away to dumping sites. The city corporation cleaners also broom the city streets and try to keep them clean. There is an underground sewerage pipe network all over the city and liquid waste passes through it. However, sometimes, especially during rains, these pipes are clogged and the roads are overflowed with dirty water.

There are good employment facilities in cities as all-important establishments, both government and non-government, are located in urban areas. City dwellers take the chance to work there and receive their services. International organizations also set up their offices in cities. Legal services are also better available in cities where the Supreme Court and the High Court are located. Medical service is better in cities as big hospitals are situated there. Cities have good educational institutions — schools, colleges, and universities, where good teachers work because of better pay. People also come to cities for various professional training. Cities are the trade and business hubs ‘where a lot of people are employed.

Cities have highways and concrete roads, on which different kinds of vehicles including buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaw run. These help the city dwellers to move from one place to another easily. Getting out of the house, one can reach the bus station on foot or rickshaw and ride on a vehicle. Sitting service coaches arrive at regular intervals and one can get on them buying a ticket from the counter. Blessed are those who have their private cars. They can move as per their wish. One can also hire a taxi or CNG-run auto-rickshaw to go somewhere. Nowadays the number of vehicles, as well as commuters, has increased to a great extent. Every day hundreds of new vehicles are hitting the streets, to the comfort of the commuters.

Various kinds of recreational facilities are available in cities. There are parks and gardens where people come to walk and gossip. There are amusement parks where children can enjoy rides, merry-go •round see-saw, and other game facilities. The cities have cinema halls where people enjoy old and newly released films. There are gymnasiums where people go for exercise to keep themselves healthy. There are beauty parlors which women visit to decorate themselves. There are community centers where marriage ceremonies and other functions are held. International quality hotels like five-star and four-star hotels are located in the posh areas where delegates from foreign countries stay. These hotels have excellent cuisine and many facilities like swimming pools. Trade shows and fashion shows are usually held there.

Cities are flooded with various kinds of consumer goods, may it be fancy items or food items. One can find an object of any brand in the supermarkets and shopping malls. These places are neat and clean and smartly decorated and staffed. If one has money he can virtually buy any object, of the world. Nowadays the big markets have the ATM booths of different banks. People can get cash from there and buy their desired objects. They can also use credit cards to pay. One can buy vegetables, fish, meat, grocery, bakery items, dresses, and any grooming product and bring them to a counter. There the salesperson will calculate the price with a machine and give a slip-on payment of the price. The purchased objects are neatly put into one or several packets and supplied.

Cities have many important facilities which attract people from other areas. That is why the number of people there increases rapidly. But if the city grows without planning, it becomes dirty. Air pollution is most acute in cities. There is also a lack of greenery. Dirty slums are created to shelter the floating and poor people. There should always be good planning for a city. Without this, the city will be a concrete jungle.

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