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Composition on Charms of City Life Or, Life in A City

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Introduction: there are two types of lives in Bangladesh. City life and country life according to the habitation of the people. These two types of lives have both their advantages and disadvantages. When compared, the advantages of city life are found to be much more than those of the country live. Cowper saying, ‚Äėvariety is the spice of life‚Äô is admitted on all hands in the cases of city life.

Things of charms: the charms of city life are too many to be described in words. All the boons of modern science are spread boundlessly in every nook and corner of the city life A modern life. It provides a fast and dynamic life. Better earning facilities, better educational facilities, better transport and communication facilities, better medical facilities, better health and sanitation facilities, better recreational and cultural facilities, a better job, business and trade facilities and what not. All these facilities have made the city life more attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable than the country life. This is why we find another growing tendency among the people of the village to flock to the cities leaving the villages. The things of charms and attractions of city life are described below in a nutshell.

Educational facilities: It goes without saying that a city is the best seat for learning. There are more and better educational institutions in a city. These institutions are better managed, equipped and staffed than those in the country. There are also affluent facilities of libraries, museums, art-galleries, literary and intellectual societies and organizations in a city. All these help the learners greatly to widen their knowledge, skill, experience, and outlook and facility power.

Transport and communication facilities: ‚Äėtransport is civilization‚Äô- goes a popular saying. A city life bears out a great testimony to this saying. A city has good road networks and faster mode of transport and communication have made city life faster, eases and more comfortable, they have solved both time and money of the city dwellers and reduced their troubles of journeys.

Medical facilities: medical facilities are the dire necessity of people for preventing diseases, curing them and living sound life with a sound mind. A city provides good medical facilities of all kinds. There are highly skilled and experienced doctors in a city. There are also good hospitals and clinic, diagnostic centers and other medical facilities. These easily available medical facilities help greatly to the enhancement of sound and skilled manpower.

Job and business facilities: a city offers good job opportunities and business facilities. There are mills and factories, shopping malls and supermarkets, banks, government and non-government offices. It is needless to say that we are seriously trapped in a vicious circle of poverty. There are more people looking for employment than there are opportunities for employment in our country. The various job avenues in a city of a long way in solving this formidable unemployment problem and help the unemployed people live a better and dignified life. Besides, a city acts as a good center for the growth and flourishing of trade and commerce.

Recreational facilities: recreational facilities are essential for the modern mechanized people to get relief from the monotony and boredom of their routine-bound hard-felt daily life. A city life is generally furnished with parks, clubs, zoo, museums, theaters, cinema halls and different types of attractive places. City dwellers visit these places and spend their spare time to get enjoyment and pleasure. Besides, there are different cultural organizations which arrange a variety of programmer all the year round. These are a good source of joy and recreation which have made city life fascinating and bewitching.

Better living facilities: better-living facilities are badly needed for a man to grow up mentally, physically and emotionally. A city life offers such a life of the simultaneous development. A city life offers such a life of the simultaneous development. City dwellers enjoy the facilities of good health and sanitation and supply of pure drinking water. Besides, they enjoy the facilities of electricity, gas, telephone and other urban and modern facilities. They can also enjoy the higher standard of living as compared with the older people. Again, men of letters and people having literary talents find opportunities for writing and publishing their works find opportunities for writing and publishing their works and meet men of their class in seminars, meetings, and societies.

Conclusion: there is nothing on earth which is an unmixed blessing. A city life is not also free from dark sides. This life is full of din and bustle cares and anxieties, jams and accidents, corruption and pollution, frailness and selfishness, dishonesty and unhealthy competition. But these disadvantages are only finger-counted in number and stand too meager when compared with its advantages. This is why; we can assert that the charms, novelties, and facilities of a city life beggar description. To speak the truth, a city life is a much looked for life for all men and women of all tastes, aptitudes, and temperaments.

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