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Report on Water Logging in Dhaka City

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Question: Suppose, you are Abir Hasan, a reporter of a reputed daily. Write a report on water logging in Dhaka city.

Logging Unplanned Drains Lead to Water

Answer: Prolonged rain for not more than one hour is sufficient enough to overflow the roads and streets of the lower areas of the city. Water is logged with dirty dwellers cannot move let alone the vehicles. Dirty and stinky water causes skin diseases and many other glasses of water-borne diseases. Water which is logged on the roads does not move easily .and rapidly.

Most of the canals and drains have been captured by the land grabbers. For the lack of sufficient care and preservation of these canals and drains sufferings of the city dwellers have reached the zenith. Prof. Kamal Ahmed, a prominent environmentalist has said if an immediate step is not taken, very soon the city will face a disaster.