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Report on Grabbing of Land

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. Land grabbing in Dhaka city has increased alarmingly. Write a report on it.

Grabbing of Land

Answer: Of twenty-two canals and thirty-four lakes in the city, only nine canals and fourteen lakes now exist. Real Estate groUps and various private organization as well as some influential persons have encroached them all and built huge installments. Thus they have changed the city’s landscape and posed dangers and miseries for the city dwellers during the rainy season. Illegal concrete structures have been built by occupying many wetlands and low-lying lands though they are protected by law. But these grabbers show their thumbs to law and by bribing the corrupt officials of Rajuk, managed to occupy them for years. City planners and urban experts have expressed their concern over illegal structures by grabbing wetlands and low-lying lands but things go on unchanged. The remaining canals and lakes are dying slowly as grabbing is increasing more rapidly. When contacted, land commissioner of Dhaka Zilla said we are preparing a list of land grabbers and then will submit it to the higher authority for proper action.” Govt is expected to take steps to recover the grabbed lands soon, he added.

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