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Composition on Say ‘Yes’ For Children

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Introduction: in 1990, every country of the world declared to keep the children’s rights pact at the world children summit of UN. In the world declaration, it was written in an uncontroversial that to protect the rights of the children. As a result, for the first time in human history, children’s rights are considered as a top priority. World movement for children has called the global community to ensure children’s rights and the objectives which have not been achieved yet.

The significance of the slogan: the project is a unique one for the world children movement. It started at March in 2001. This is a propaganda program driven into many countries of the world. I believe that all the children of the world must grow up with honor, peace, health, education, medical treatment and other basic needs. This program of propaganda was to connect people as many as possible worldwide to stand for the rights of children.

The objectives of saying ‘yes’ program: this program has ten fixed rules and targets. These are discussed below.

a) No child remains out: this indicates that very program for reserving children’s right must reach to every child of the world.

b) Love and care for every child: for normal and necessary physical growth and mental nourishment, love and affection are important thus a child is to be grown up with care. Leading a normal healthy and balanced life is the right of a child.

c) The child is the top priority: in the family, society and government interest regarding children must be considered first. They will be the part and parcel of every development scheme including social, political, and environmental and economic thought or plan.

d) Protect them from HIV or AIDS: it’s an irony that the innocent children are the victims mostly among the AISA patients. The children must be acknowledged for the disease and protection from it.

e) Stop torture and exploit child: the aim of the environment everywhere in family, school, and field’s public place etc should be to protect children from any kind of harm.

f) Listen to children: children are the future of the present world. That is why they should be privileged with their independent expressing capacity.

g) Education for every child: education removes darkness and that’s why every child must have a proper and standard education which will help to walk in the way of life. Education must be full and completed.

h) Save the earth for children: the environment and atmosphere should be in favor of a baby to grow up in a congenial situation. Being caretaker of this planet, we should keep it safe and beautiful for the present and coming generations.

i) Stop war: war always harmful to children. They are the most sufferers in this condition. So the people of the world must come forward to stop the war.

j) Invest for children: the best investment is considered that which the must is for the welfare of children is kept outside the poverty shade. Is this way a nation can develop their future by having better citizens from poverty free children.

Perspective Bangladesh: Bangladesh has a constitution which has declared equal rights for the children of all classes’ cultures and religions. No discrimination is done in this regard. The government has taken many positive steps to uphold the children’s rights. These are ensuring children’s health, planning for children, banning children’s trafficking labor and torture, flourishing latent talents, compulsory primary education and initiatives for a sound environment.

Conclusion: ours is a baby country from the economic point of view. We along with our babies can march forward an all respects and can assure a dignitary seal in the world community by materializing all the aspects of the an going saying ‘yes’ for children scheme which has shaken to old world with the chirping of the coming generation having a clear intention to win over all the barriers and difficulties.

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