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Short Composition on If I Were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

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Question: Write a short composition expressing your opinion and future plan “If you were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh”.

Answer: If I were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I would sacrifice my life for the betterment and welfare of my people as well as for the development of my country. Bangladesh gained independence through the Liberation War in 1971. We experienced countless losses of lives and properties during the War of Liberation. Many freedom fighters laid down their lives smilingly for the freedom of our people and our country. All the people were inspired by the freedom to get rid of poverty, hunger, and diseases. They dream for social justice and exploitation-free society. Their dream was to remove the disparity between the rich and the poor and to ensure the even distribution of wealth.

Thus, the people wanted a peaceful and harmonious development of the society.

But not a single dream of the people has come true. All the hopes of the people have gone in vain for the treachery of the politicians of our country. All the politicians of our country who got mandates from the people to rule the country have only achieved their own interest.

If I were the Prime Minister, I would unite and inspire the whole nation. Then I would make a realistic plan and ensure good governance and better management. Then I would concentrate my attention on political, economic, social, academic and cultural reforms to establish real democratic system and tradition in every sphere of life. To establish democracy in politics, I would restore all the democratic institution on a solid foundation by ensuring institutional autonomy. The election commission, public service commission, and anti-corruption would be given full autonomy. The media especially Radio and TV would be given full autonomy. The freedom of press and independence of judiciary would be guaranteed at any cost.

I would give top priority in agriculture to boost up food production very rapidly. I would provide interest-free loans to the poor and marginal farmers and landowners. At the same time, I would provide a great amount of subsidy to the farmers to increase all agricultural products so that we could export food grains as well as all agricultural products. Thereby we could earn a lot of foreign exchange and achieve self-sufficiency in food. To achieve this end, I would supply high yielding seeds and establish so many fertilizer factories so that the farmers can easily get the fertilizers near at hand.

I would try my best to establish power-plants in different areas of the country. My effort would be to bring all the villages and all the houses under electrification programme. If I could be successful, I would provide loans at little interest to the villagers so that they can establish small and cottage industries in rural areas and thereby achieve self-sufficiency.

I would establish a hospital in every union. Moreover, I would improve the thana health complexes and district Sadar hospital. Road communication and railway communication would be improved very substantially.

Thus, I would render my selfless service to the nation. All these are not my big talks or unreal dreams. All these could be done with utmost devotion, honesty, and sincerity of a real patriot because it is only the Prime Minister who could change a lot of his countrymen and bring prosperity, welfare for the people.

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