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Composition on Freedom Fight of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Bangladesh is free a country on the map of the world. In reality, it comes on being in 1947. It was cunningly joined with Pakistan. But the Bangladeshis are not a nation to bear injustice for a long time. When the Pakistanis found that Bangladesh is raised a protest against this, the selfish rulers tried to subdue them but in vain. The freedom fight began.

Mass killing: the people of Bangladesh become furious. They declared independence and formed their own government. The enemy army fell upon them and began killing them. They began burning houses, looting wealth, raping women and causing harm to suppress the truth but in vain. More than thirty lakhs of people were killed, properties of about all the Bangladeshis looted or burnt, more than a lakh of a young girl were raped and a core of people was made to cross the boundary and take shelter in India.

Freedom fighting: the Bangladeshis did not yield to this inhuman oppression. They took up arms and began to fight tough fight. They began to kill the enemy soldiers in the guerrilla way. The students, the mill workers, the farmers, the teacher, the professors and the office employees joined the freedom fighting and received military training. Thus they formed the strong liberation force and became able to face the enemy successfully.

Role of students: the students of Bangladesh played an important role during the freedom fight of Bangladesh in order to establish the honor and priests of our beloved motherland. The students went to the villages and organize a resistance movement. Each of them became a dedicated soldier and was determined to snatch independent from the hands of the Pak military junta. They joined the Bengal regiment and EPR personal to form a resistance movement. The students adopted guerrilla tactics and faced the army in short encounter.

Conclusion: we are now the citizens of independent Bangladesh. It is now our bounden duty to join the development work selflessly and successfully.

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