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Composition on The Autobiography of a Freedom Fighter

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Question: Write a short composition on, “The Autobiography of a Freedom Fighter of Bangladesh.

Answer: On the 25th March, at dead of night the Pakistani army looted the houses, ransacked university halls, set fire on shops and killed thousands of innocent people. I was utterly shocked at the untold atrocities of the Pakistani army. On the 27th March, the curfew was lifted for a short while. At that time, I left the hostel and started for village home with thousands of men, women, and children on foot. The sights of mass killing and sign of atrocities filled our heart with a desire for taking revenge on Pakistani army.

When I reached my village, I was again shocked to see my village which was damaged partially many women and children partially. Many people were killed, many houses were demolished, of our village were tortured to death. I found only my parents alive, my only sister and my younger brother were brutally killed. I wish some other friends of my village took the oath for revenge.

We crossed the border and took shelter at Agartala. We received training for one month. Then we were shifted to Assam for further training of three months. Then I learned guerilla fighting. I was the leader of my platoon and worked under the leadership and guidance of a Major. In June 1971 we, at first, faced the enemy. There was a fierce fighting that continued for several hours. The enemies used all their modern and sophisticated weapons. Though we had no sophisticated weapons, we were filled with patriotic spirit and enthusiasm. We were morally stronger than the Pakistani army. Some of us were only injured but they lost five of their men. It was the first encounter and we caused a lot of damage to the enemy.

The most violent and dreadful encounter with the Pakistani army took place on 12 July at Feni. We could wipe out at least 20 of the enemy soldiers and injured about 30 of them. In the guise of farmers, we were moving in the field near Shuvapur Bridge. We took a few bullocks line. the villagers and made a show of plowing the field on the eastern side of the railway We got information that the enemy would pass that way by military trucks and jeeps. We attacked them when they were passing. They had to experience a heavy loss of arms and men and they retreated.

On many occasions, we had to face the enemies but they could not do any harm to us. One day we were in ambush but Pakistani ‘army got information earlier and they started heavy firing on us. But we were also very alert and well-prepared, we did not lose heart. Our method of action was more pragmatic than the enemy. But suddenly a bullet hit me on my right leg. It pierced my leg. I was rapidly brought to Agartala and then I was carried immediately to Kolkata PG Hospital. I was operated successfully. But I had to stay in the hospital for one month and I was cured. Then again, I came back to fighting.

I actively participated as many as ten operations. We killed as many as fifty enemy soldiers and injured hundreds of them. Moreover, we were able to damage at least ten of their vehicles and blew up many bridges. We could narrowly escape death in two of our front fighting. I shall never forget those memories. But I feel proud when I think that I fought for this country and we achieved freedom by our sacrifice and sufferings. I was lucky enough to make a significant contribution towards our freedom.

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