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Story on Failures Are the Pillars of Success

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Robert Bruce was the king of England. His army was defeated again and again against King Edward I of England. Being defeated for ‘six times, he lost all hope. One day sitting up in his hiding place, he was brooding over his misfortune. Suddenly he noticed a spider trying to reach the ceiling with the help of its silken thread to complete the cobweb. The spider tried, again and again, to go up but dropped down every time. Six attempts, made by the spider failed one after another. But still, it did not give up the struggle and went on trying. Bruce observed the spider with keen interest and saw that the seventh attempt of the spider succeeded. The perseverance of the spider encouraged Bruce. He saw a ray of hope. Filled with new hope he brought together his scattered forces and faced his enemies once more with renewed energy. This’ time he prevailed over his enemies and succeeded in defeating them.

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