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Story on Robert Brush and the Spider

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Once there was a king named Robert Bruce who lived in Scotland. He was a great warrior and so he fought many battles and won them. But once he was badly defeated. He ran away from the battlefield to save his life and took shelter in a cave where he hid. He was wrapped up in deep sorrow and out of disappointment. So, he gave up all his hope and struggle. One day when he was lying in the cave, he saw a spider which was trying to reach the roof of the cave. It made six attempts to reach its web but every time it slipped down. Now the king got interested and watched the spider carefully. He was astonished to see that spider did not lose heart but continued its efforts to reach up at the top. At the seventh attempt, the spider was successful in its attempt of reaching its web. This incident boosted up the spirit of King Bruce. He gained new strength and fresh courage. He gathered his forces and fought another battle. This time he fought with new vigor and enthusiasm and was ultimately successful in making his country free.

Morality: Failure is the filler of success.

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