Essay On A Freedom Fighter

[Hints: Introduction, Mode of struggle, Unflinching devotion to the country, Courage and spirit of sacrifice, Conclusion.]

Introduction: A freedom fighter is a fighter who carries on the struggle for the freedom of his country and the people. A freedom fighter is he a who fighter for the freedom of his country and the people.

Mode of struggle: The fight for freedom may be an armed struggle or it may be a peaceful constitutional struggle. In the former case, a freedom fighter is essentially a soldier taking guidance from a centralized political leadership. In the latter case, he is essentially a political cadre mobilizing public opinion for resistance through political means. But in the ordinary sense, the work of a freedom fighter is mainly concerned with military operation aiming at freeing his country from the clutches of a foreign power.

Unflinching devotion to the country: Whatever the form of struggle of a freedom fighter might be, the fundamental inspiration is to struggle for freedom. His devotion to the cause of his country and people shines forth in the hours of trails, gives him encouragement when there is any setback.

Courage and spirit of sacrifice: A freedom fighter is a fighter of dauntless courage. He fears no power on earth. He has to fight against the superior forces of the enemy. Yet he goes on gaining strength. He is also fearless of any sacrifice. He knows that freedom can never be achieved without endless sacrifice. So, he never cares for his own personal interest to the cause of his country and people.

Conclusion: A freedom fighter is the glory and pride of a nation. Even if he falls fighting for freedom, his example well shines forever as a beacon-light to the nation.

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