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Short Essay On The Great Patriot Shahid Titumir

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[Hints: introduction, birth, and early life, activities, declaration of independence, fight against the British government, conclusion.]

Titumir was a militant reformer and a freedom fighter of Muslim Bengal. His real name was Syed Mir Nisar Ali. Titumir was born in 1782 in a village name Chandpur under Bashir hat sub-division in the district of 24 Parganas in West Bengal. In this early life, he was deeply influenced by the reformation movement. In 1821 he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, met Syed Ahmad Khan believed and become his disciple. In 1827 he returned his native village. The peasants of the then Bengal were in a very deplorable state they were severely oppressed by both the local zamindars and the English indigo planners. Titumir made a resolve to fight for saving the peasants from oppression. He went around the district of 24 Parganas and other neighboring districts. He appealed to the youth to rise and fight against oppression. Titumir fought a number of battles against local Zaminders. He owns against the Zaminders. Then Titumir built a strong bamboo fort at Nariklbaria in 1831. He then declared independence. One of the followers named museum becomes his general. Miskin Shah, another follower, become his prime minister.

The British rulers of the then India came to know of the declaration of independence boy Titumir. They also heard to the strong bamboo fort built by him. At this, the British government sent a big force to fight Titumir. There was a terrible fight. Titumir was defeated. His fort was broken to pieces, his general was captured and the rest of his followers were either killed or captured. Though Titumir lost the battle, he left a great inspiration for the future generations. So, we remember this great here with respect.

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