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Short Composition on If I Were A Millionaire

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Question: Write a composition expressing your Opinion as to what you would do “If You Were a Millionaire“.

Answer: Nothing is impossible in this world. Many things happen in this world that we cannot think about. Though apparently, it is impossible on my part to be a millionaire, it may happen in my life. If I were a millionaire, I would make all-out efforts to make the best use of the money.

Firstly, I would invest a portion of the money in the industry, where many unemployed youths of my locality would get employment opportunities. This investment would be, to some extent, helpful for the industrialization of our country, and by exporting the products, I would be able to earn a substantial amount of foreign exchange which would ultimately help the nation as well.

Then I would establish a high school, a girls’ school, a madrasa, an orphanage, and a mosque in my village for the enlightenment of the villagers with the light of education. I would introduce vocational education to the school and madrasah. In madrassa, comparative study in other religions would also be introduced to know about other religions very extensively, so that the students coming out from madrasah would neither be a fanatic nor orthodox Muslims.

Afterward, I would join politics. But I would not join politics to earn more money and deceive the people. Rather, I would do it to establish real democracy, social justice, and thus ensure the even distribution of wealth as well as exploitation-free society. As a political man, I would help the people so that they can enjoy all fundamental rights including human rights as ensured by our constitution.

I would not merely hanker after power and wealth as the majority of our political leaders do in our country. 1 would always try to rise above self-interest and sacrifice my life for the betterment and welfare of my nation. Then if a good portion of the money is left, I would visit the historical places of the world. I would visit Eiffel Tower in Paris, the British Museum in London, Oxford and Cambridge University, Washington D.C, Nayagra Falls, Tajmahal of Agra, etc. to gain experience and inspiration which I might use in my political career.

I don’t know whether my dream will come into reality or not.

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