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Short Essay on If I Were a Millionaire

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I have a long-cherished dream to become a millionaire. I have also a question to myself what I would do with a large amount of money if suddenly I were a millionaire. I have at last found the answer to my own question, and I shall try to state it here.

There are people in this world who forget themselves completely and always think of others. I think of satisfying my own needs first. So I would at first have a beautiful house for myself in the spacious compound. I would furnish my house with the most modern amenities so as to make myself as comfortable as possible.

I would then go on a world tour for the sake of a new and pleasant experience. I would visit the major capital of the world like London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Washington, etc. I would make it a point to have good luck with the pyramids of Egypt and the hanging gardens wherever they might be.

Returning home from abroad, I would give a thought to the poor and the needy around me. I shall help men in distress in such a way as they can stand on their own legs. I shall help the poor students to prosecute their education. I would if my means permit, establish a hospital for children. After doing all this, I would certainly have no money left with me, but I shall have the satisfaction of having seen and done so many things.

Thus I want to utilize my wealth in case I become a millionaire. It may be that I may not come across such a fortune any day in my life. It may be nothing but a sweet dream.

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