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Paragraph on Marriage Ceremony of My Elder Brother

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Question: You have to contribute an article to the College Magazine. Your elder brother got married quite recently. Now write an article on that wedding.

Answer: A few days ago, the marriage ceremony of my elder brother was held in a very befitting manner. A big pandal with shamiana above was erected. A big and tastefully designed gate was made at the entrance of the pandal. In the evening our house, the pandal, and the gate were illuminated with multi-colored electric bulbs in a manner that made a splendid show. We invited our friends and relatives to attend the wedding. The invited guests began to come in the evening in motor cars. scooters or rickshaws. We started at the bride’s house from our house at 7 p.m. We proceeded in a. motor cavalcade and reached the bride’s house at 7-45 pm. Then we were given seats with great decorum. When the bridegroom came out of the car, some young boys and girls from the bride’s side thronged around him. They formed a barricade near the gate made before the bride’s house so that the bridegroom might not enter the bride’s house. They demanded a handsome amount as a token of tips. There was much hue and cry over the issue. At last, the boys and girls let the bridegroom enter the hall when they got taka five thousand. Then began the marriage rituals. After the settlement of Mohrana. the- Qazi solemnized the marriage by reciting the related verses from the holy Quran. After a short time, the guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner. Then betel-leaf and cigarettes were distributed and the guests went for relaxation. When the feast was over, the groom was led to the place where the bride had been sitting. Many young girls gathered around the bridegroom, cut jokes, and burst into loud laughter. They teased the bridegroom in different ways. On the eve of departure, the parents and relatives of the bride burst into tears when they bade her farewell. This was a heart-rending scene.

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