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Composition on My Feelings During a Stormy Night

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My Experience of a Stormy Night


Introduction: Bangladesh is a great victim of different natural calamities. These calamities hit Bangladesh almost every year causing heavy loss of lives and properties.

Time of occurrence: it was the 5th of 2005, the day was extremely hot. Everybody was perspiring and complaining about the hot weather. Then a speck of cloud was visible on the north-western horizon in the late afternoon.

Description: the cloud slowly spread all over the western sky. There was a light breeze. Everybody understood that it was the forerunner of a storm. The wind increased in intensity. Rags of cloud raced across the sky. There was darkness even before it was evening. The temperature dropped suddenly. The earth and the sky were enveloped in dust. As time went on, the fury of the storm increased every minute. It seemed that the end of the world was near at hand. Trees trembled and shook from side to side. A great many of them fell down. We were all struck with great panic and shouted for good’s mercy with eyes full of tears. The storm continued for about an hour and then it began to rain. The rain poured down in torrents. Then gradually the storm started quieting down. But by the time there was devastation all around. Tinned roofs of houses were blown off. There was much damage to electric poles and overhead wire. Large trees and branches lying in the streets blocked the traffic movement. The whole town was dark. Flashing of lighting and howls of wind continued all through the night. When the sun rose next morning, the weather was absolutely fair and quiet.

Conclusion: the scenic of the destructive fall-out and the heart-rending cry of the people still float in my mind’s eye. Whenever I recall the horrible sight of the night, my mind fills with a great horror and pity.

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