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Report On the Depression at the Bay of Bengal

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Question: A report on the depression at the Bay of Bengal.

Depression at the Bay of Bengal

Answer: Bishal Chowdhury, Dhaka, August, 21: A depression has risen in the Bay of Bengal some 120 kilometres off Bangladesh coasts and about 150 kilometres from Indian Urisya. It is slowly moving towards Indian Coasts.

Due to the depression in the Bay of Bengal, heavy showers of rainfall is occurring in different parts of Chittagong division, slight or moderate rainfall in some parts of Dhaka division and other parts of western regions. Rain or thundershowers accompanied by temporary gusty wind will prevail for a few days. The sudden depression has caused troubles for working people. All fishing boats and trawlers are directed to move near the coast and follow alarm signal no 4. Due to the depression, incessant rain has almost stopped the capital city as many roads have become submerged.

Weather, forecasting reports said that the depression will continue for more two or three days.

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