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Paragraph on Tools for Gardening



  • What are things needed for gardening?
  • What is spade?
  • What is the use of spade?
  • How the spade in made?
  • What is the use of rake?
  • How is the basket made?
  • What are the uses of the basket?

Answer: Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies. For gardening tools like spades, rakes, hoes, and baskets are essential. A spade is a board metal blade. It is fitted with a long wooden or bamboo handle. It is used for digging soil. A hoe has a blade attached to a long handle. It is used for breaking up the soil and removing weeds. It is also used to dig the soil. A rake has a long handle and a row of metal points at the end. It is used for gathering fallen leaves and weeds. It is also used to break the top of the soil. A leveler looks like a ladder. It is made of wood or bamboo. It is used to level the soil. A basket is made of bamboo canes it is reeds are used to collect or carry weeds and unwanted things fertilizer, saplings, seeds etc. While gardening one cannot just to without these tools.

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