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Essay on Describe the Growing of a Particular Crop from The Preparation of The Ground to Its Harvesting

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I want to describe the growing of groundnuts.

First of all, a suitable piece and must be prepared. It should be flat and be at least about half the size at badminton cowl so that a reasonably good yield can be obtained. The soil should not be waterlogged as the. would make the groundnuts rot.

The soil needs to be turned over with a cangkul or a plow and bits of rubbish cleared, preferably weeds should be removed as they hinder the growth of the groundnut planet After the soil is fairly free from rubbish, it should be leveled. Then the nuts are sowed by pushing them into the soli two at a time. This is to ensure that at least one nut will germinate. About a foot or so all around need to be given for the plants to have ample space for healthy growth. It is a good idea to spray the whole area with water after sowing. The ground must then be watered every day lest it dries et) and kill the germinating nuts. If it rains then there not be any problem unless the rain is so heavy that the mile gets washed away.

A week after sowing, young green shoots would be seen emerging from beneath the soil. After this, the plants will grow quickly and a month or so, small yellow flowers would appear on the plants. By now the plants would be about a foot tall and spread out over a diameter of about a foot too. This is the time when pollination occurs and little insects can be seen flitting about among the flowers.

Gradually the flowers wilt and the plants send down the bare flower stalks into the ground where the ends will develop into groundnuts.

The development of the groundnuts takes a couple of weeks or so. The plants need to be watered regularly to ensure the nuts develop properly.

The time for harvesting becomes evident when the plants themselves begin to wilt. The leaves turn black and fall off. The general appearance of the plants is that of death. It looks that way above ground, but beneath the ground is a totally different story altogether.

By poking a finger into the ground at the base of a plant, one could feel for groundnut and retrieve it by pulling it out. if everything went well then one would have in one’s hand a fully formed groundnut. If that is the case, then harvesting can begin.

The groundnuts are harvested by pulling the plants out, root, nuts and all. Care must be taken not to pull too quickly or viciously. Otherwise, some groundnuts would break off and remain in the ground where they will be almost impossible to retrieve.

After the plants have been pulled out and the soil shaken from it, the groundnuts are picked off by hand from the plants.

There you have it, the simplest way of growing groundnuts. Besides the initial preparation of the land, the work is not very hard. The bountiful feast of groundnuts that one can enjoy is worth all the trouble.

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