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Composition on The Most Memorable Day of My Life

Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “The Most Memorable Day of My Life”.

Answer: The human mind is very short. Man forgets the past. But still, he does not forget a few moments or events or days of his life. Some moments or events are stored very carefully in his memory. I had also a very memorable event or day in my life which I can never forget. I still remember that event when I get time to pass in leisure.
The Romantic poet of English literature, William Wordsworth also expresses his feelings about past memory in the following lines:

“When I lie, in the vacant or pensive mood.
They flash upon my inward eye.”

The moment came into my life when I passed the SSC Examination. I was born in a small village of Sirajganj District. I studied at a village high school. Then I appeared at the SSC Examination. When my SSC Examination was over, I was anxiously waiting for the result. One day one of my relatives who was living in Dhaka came to my house. He showed a daily newspaper to me and my parents. I found that I secured GPA-5 in the examination. I could not believe it. I thought it was I or anybody else. At that moment the Headmaster of our school along with other teachers came to our house with the result sheet. When he saw me, he hugged me to his bosom. There were tears of joy in his eyes. He blessed me from his heart. Then the Headmaster invited me to come to school the next day.

Accordingly, I went to school the next day. The whole school premises were decorated. A stage was built in front of the school building. I was given a grand reception. Many distinguished persons and elites of our village were invited. Nay parents were also invited as honorable guests. The local M.P was the chief guest. The Headmaster presided over the function. At 4 pm. the reception ceremony was started. Some distinguished persons and honorable guests spoke on the occasion. They spoke highly of me. They also praised my parents and my family. My joys knew no bound. It was a moment of boundless joy, pride, and happiness. My father also delivered a speech on the occasion of thanking my teachers for their co-operation and also asked them to pray for me so that I may do better in the future. Then the Headmaster called me to speak. something. But when I mounted upon the stage, I was beside with emotion. My voice choked. But still, I uttered a few words. I thanked my teachers and asked them to pray for me. I could not speak anymore. Then the chief guest handed me a gift. The chief guest advised the students to follow my example and build their career to serve the nation. Then the Headmaster told the other students to build their career to be good citizens of the country. He thanked all and wound up the function.

I returned home with a heart full of joy, pleasure, and inspiration. That day helped me a lot to build my career. So, I cannot forget that day.