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Composition on The Happiest Day in Your Life

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A description of the day I distinctly remember the day, my joy then knew no bounds. I was in my village home after the School Final Examination was over. I was in a happy mood of relaxation. Then suddenly my good eight-hour sleep was broken by shouts of joy. My mother and brothers and sisters were all calling out my name in various tones of endearment and ecstasy. I jumped up and rushed out of the room and found a telegram passing from hand to hand with congratulations. It conveyed the happy message that I had passed the School Final Examination creditably. My joy then knew no bounds. The rest of the day passed off in dizzy raptures. Relatives came to congratulate me; I went to pay my respects to elders, to earn the blessing of my village teachers. I was patted and pampered by the ladies of the house especially, with demands for treating all to sweets. I was at once reminded of those lines of Wordsworth- “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young ‘k as very heaven!” The suggestion came from elders that Pujas had to be offered to the village and household deities blessing, had to be received with due solemnity. And yet, as I recall that red-letter day, I ask myself if I should have been so happy. But still, the fact remains that was my first success. I was beside myself with happiness. Soon. However, I realized how my responsibility increased for carrying on further studies to build my career properly.

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