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Composition on Unity Is Strength

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Introduction: a man, however strong or intelligent he may be, cannot alone fight out all the difficulties and obstacles that happen. He requires help from some men around him to overcome them. With the help of others, he can subdue them. So runs an English saying, “united we stand, divided we fall.”

What are means: the proverb ‘Unity is strength’ will always hold good. It means that so long as the members of a family or of a club or of any other organization keep together, no one will be able to harm them but if they divide, they must fall.

The value of unity: the value of unity is perceived in every walk of life. So long as the members of a family work together everything goes on well with it but when they quarrel, it goes to ruin. History gives us many examples of unity. It ancient time Greece was divided into several small states but so long as they acted together, the Persians could do nothing. Alexander the great was able to conquer Punjab, mainly because there was then no unity among the Indian princes. Had they all presented a united front to Alexander, the fall of Punjab might have been prevented.

Example of unity: an old man had three sons who always quarrelled with each other. The only day the old man told his sons to bring his there sticks and some rope. They brought them. The old man tied the sticks together with the rope. Then he said to his sons to break the bundle of sticks. The three sons tried their test but could not. Then the old man untied the bundle and gave one stick to each of his sons to break. This time they broke their sticks easily. Then the old man said, “you are like these sticks. If you are together you are strong and if you divided you are awake.” From this story, we can clearly understand that unity is a strength.

Conclusion: it follows from the above that unity leads to strength, success, peace and prosperity. On the other hand, disunity leads to weakness, defeat and ruin.

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