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Essay on United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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Introduction: Unity is the basis of society and nationhood. It means that so long as the members of a family or of a club or of any other organization keep together, no one will be able to harm them. But if they divide, they must fall.

Society, the symbol of unity: Man is a social creature. He lives in a society because he needs the help of others. This means he cannot live alone. Infect, human civilization is based on the structure of society. So, unity is the chief thing which makes the survival of human civilization possible.

Its value: There are many values of living unitedly. There is no doubt that a man at every step of life is dependent another. The value of unity is beheld in every word of life. If the members build up a kind of sincere unity, the family is sure to progress.

Lack of unity: The lack of unity in a family is very dangerous. Infect, in today’s world, there is no substitute for unity. Lack of unity leads to weakness, defeat, and ruin.

Examples: History gives us many examples of unity. Alexander the Great was able to conquer Punjab, mainly because there was then no unity among Indian princes.

Story: We all know the story of the farmer and his quarreling sons. These sons could easily break a single piece of stick, but when several sticks were made into a bundle, none of them could break it. The sons learned the lesson. That unity is strength and gave up their quarrels.

Conclusion: Human beings are capable of doing many things. But without unity, they cannot do even a single thing. Therefore, we should be aware of the value of unity for our own interest.