Story on The Courage and Bravery

The Bravery of Some Boys

One day some boys were playing cricket in a school ground. All of a sudden, they heard a hue and cry nearby. The boys stopped playing then and went to the spot. They saw smoke. It was coming out of a house. They went in. They saw a house on fire. There was nobody else near the fire. Only a few women were running to and for. They were crying bitterly. The boys thought that there might be somebody in the house. He could not come out. There were smoke and smoke. The boys were not afraid at all. They entered the house and took out a baby. All were surprised to see the bravery of the boys. The mother of the baby thanked the boys. She prayed for them. The story of the boys spread far and wide. Their names were on every lip.

The Bravery of a Schoolboy

Last Saturday Rahim went to the river for taking my birth at 9 a.m. He saw two boys bathing in the river. Suddenly, one boy fell into the deep water and cried for help. He could not understand what to do. Suddenly, he noticed a rope lying on the bank. He took the rope and threw it to the boy. The boy caught the rope. He started drawing it near. The boy reached the bank. He was panting in fear. The parents of the boy came there. They thanked and prayed for him.

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