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Composition on Your Childhood

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Introduction: Childhood days are very memorable. Some are with happy days and some are with sad days. But my childhood was full of happiness. Often I recollect my happy childhood memories. It cheers my heart and makes me forget the sorrows the sufferings of my life.

Birthplace: I was born in a small beautiful village in Gopalgonj district. The name of my village is Narikelbari and the name of the house is Madhu Bari. The village was my playground. I played about with my friends and cousins. They are connected with my birthplace.

Our family: our family was the joint family I had five uncles and aunts. We had an equal number of brothers and sisters. As a family, ours is big in size. Our family is agro-based family. My boyhood and education were very controlled and systematic. My first learning started with my mother. But my uncle taught us all in the morning at night.

School days: the days of my school were not sweet. One of the teachers punished us in season and out of season for a trifling matter. I am always afraid of that teacher. In my school days, I would feel very joy when I got a place in the annual examination. My mathematics teacher was very expert but he did not make me understand the hard task.

Memorable incidents of my childhood: Though I was born in a conservative family, sometimes I made some opportunities to watch village festivals. I liked to play all day long with cowboys, sometimes I escaped from school and moved in the natural sight. I often escaped from school to enjoy games and festivals. In my childhood, I was not smart. I believed all if anybody praised me and offered me sweetly. One thing still makes me laugh when I remember the incident. Once my father did not give me new clothes on occasion and I was very sad. But I showed my unhappiness without having any clothes.

Conclusion: Every man has sad or happy memories of his childhood. When a man thinks over his life, at first he thinks his colourful memories of his childhood. No one can forget his colourful happenings of his childhood memories. When I feel tired of my present condition I like to go my colourful time of my childhood by imagination.

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