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Paragraph on Globalization

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Globalization basically refers to the expansion of trade and commerce between all countries but now it has encompassed many other spheres of life. People can now travel anywhere facing fewer immigration barriers and can communicate with anyone staying anywhere within seconds. People of the world have come so close to each other that they live like families of a global village. They are like next-door neighbors. Globalization has helped capitalist countries by providing a global market while people of the developing countries are getting jobs in these countries. The latest information technology and improved transport have made the process of globalization faster. Globalization has many advantages. People can easily reach out for help and co-operation from people all over the world. They can learn about the latest scientific, medical and technological progress in any part of the world and avail of these facilities. They can work together for a better world. On the other hand, many people believe that globalization is a threat to national cultural identity because different cultures are interacting and creating a global culture although it is not an unmixed blessing. If globalization is compared to a ship, the developed countries are on the upper deck while the underdeveloped ones are on the lower deck with extremely inadequate food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, recreation or any other necessity. What’s more, cultural aggression in the name of globalization will sap into the vitality of our own culture and tradition, values and customs and so forth.

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