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Paragraph on Advertisement

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  1. What is an advertisement?
  2. Where is it found?
  3. what are the most important media of advertisement?
  4. What is the real view of the people about the advertisement?
  5. Why is advertisement very popular?
  6. What are the impacts of the advertisement on the young generations?

Answer: The advertisement is the most important thing for spreading the name and fame of goods worldwide. It means the publicity of goods. It is found on big wall, signboards, and newspapers. If we open the newspaper in the morning, we will find an advertisement for cinemas, cosmetics, medicine, books, car machines, and many other things. The advertisement is the main business for the newspaper in the day. The prominent advertisements are flashed at night on the roofs of houses. TV and radio are remarkable media for advertisements. It became an important part and parcel of modern commerce and trade. A big business concern maintains an advertising cell. In the modern competitive commercial age, many men are producing goods at a tremendous rate and all of them want to make a profit at the cost of the purchasing public. The more one can publish the more one can sell his goods. Men think that advertising goods are best and they want to buy for reputation. The distinction between good and bad is lost sight of an advertisement. Today the sale of a thing depends not so much on its quality as on its advertisement. Through it, the world now a day is being brought closer and closer to one another. It is easy to get things manufactured from one country to another. There are many advertisements, which maintain many vulgar and indecent pictures, which sometimes are very protagonists to our culture. It tends to do away with the distinction between the good and bad. It is nothing but self-praise flowing one’s own tramped. Sometimes in a journal or magazine, the advertisement of many things flashed in a made way. Though we are not interested in watching it, we have to look at it for publicity.




  1. Write a paragraph about ‘Advertisement’ by answering the questions below.
  2. What is the meaning of advertisement?
  3. What is the objective of an advertisement?
  4. Where are the advertisements usually exhibited or displayed?
  5. What are the helps of advertisement?
  6. What are the effects of advertisements?


Advertisement is an activity through which any product or article is made known to the consumers. A consumer becomes familiar or acquainted with any product or a commodity with the help of advertisement. Thus a consumer can know about a commodity or a product with the help of advertisement. The main purpose of advertisement is to draw the attention of the consumer or a buyer and thereby inspire him or her to buy that thing or product. In the modern age, advertisement plays a very vital role in the marketing system in the field of trade and commerce. Multinational companies are running their business throughout the whole world using advertisements. We cannot think of running a business in the modern world without the help of advertisements. The products of one country are being exported to other countries and they are being introduced to the consumers through advertisement. We come across many advertisements in journals, daily newspapers, weeklies, and monthly or quarterly magazines. For the sound development of trade and commerce at the national as well as international levels, a proper and sophisticated system of advertisement should be introduced.

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