Paragraph on Power Failure in City on and After


  • What is power failure?
  • What are the causes of power failure?
  • How do the city and village people suffer from acute of power shortage?
  • Who suffers the most?
  • What do we need for reducing power failure?
  • What does the government think about this fact is?

Answer: Power failure is known as a power outage. It happens in the way of a power cut, power loss, or black our of electricity supply to an area. Developing countries have acute power shortage as compared to demand. As a developing country, Bangladesh suffers power shortage. Most of the cities and villages fo Bangladesh remain in darkness for several hours or even days. Power shortage or failure takes in three forms like; a) blackout b) brownout and c) dropout. Blackout is a total failure of power, brownest is voltage level is below the normal and dropout is a momentary loss of power. Power failures are critical for hospitals. Life-saving medical device and tasks require power and due to power failure, patients suffer from proper treatments. The power failure causes problems for students, inhabitants of cities, villages and in districts, students for the problem of preparing their lessons in time. We need power generation for improving power failure situation. In our country, powers are mainly generated by hydroelectricity, thermal powers and small scale in a fuel run energy. We need to set unclear and cool based power station for reducing power failure. Presently Bangladesh government may think to import electricity from neighboring countries for improving power failure. On the other hand, Bangladesh government may take initiatives form a modern generation of power for meeting power failure.

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