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Short Paragraph on Load Shedding

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Question: Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on ‘load shedding’. You have to use the following questions in writing this paragraph:

  1. What is load shedding?
  2. What are the causes of load shedding?
  3. What are the effects of load shedding?
  4. Who suffers most?
  5. What measures should be taken to solve this problem?

Answer: Load-shedding means the suspension of the supply of electricity for a certain period. It occurs in all the places where there is a connection to electricity. It has become a regular affair in our country. Load-shedding is caused by referent caused. The insufficient production of electricity in our country is the main cause of load-shedding. Misuse of electricity is another cause. The illegal connection of electricity is also responsible for load-shedding. On the other hand, a government so not sincere to produce electricity in proportion to our demand. So due to lode-shedding production in mills and factories decreases. Fresh food preserved in the refrigerator gets rotten. Load-shedding at night encourages the miscreants in there violent works. Students also cannot study properly due to load-shedding. After all, load shedding affects the economy of our country. So the authority should establish more lands and powerhouses to solve this problem. Illegal connection and system loss should also be stopped.


Load Shedding


  1. What is load shedding?
  2. How does it affect the national economy?
  3. How does it affect domestic life?
  4. What happens to patients and students during load shedding?
  5. What do the pick-pockets do then?
  6. What is your mind about the problem?

Answer: we are all quite familiar with the term ‘load-shedding means the suspension of the supply of electricity for the time being. It has now become almost a part and parcel of our daily life.’ Mills and factories come to a standing hill. Domestic life becomes very painful. House-wives group up in the darkness. The sufferings of the patients in the hospitals or clinics and the student’s beggar description. The foods kept in the refrigerators turn rotten. The commodities preserved in the cold storages get spoiled. The roads and streets are wrapped with darkness. Thieves and pick-pockets roam about freely and do their mischief at ease. These sorts of examples of sufferings due to load shedding can be multiplied. The solution to the problem is the crying need of the day. The sooner the problem is solved, the better- the better for both individual and national life.

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