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Short Paragraph on A Hartal Day

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Hartal Day’ by answering the questions below.

  1. What is a hartal day?
  2. Why is a hartal called for?
  3. What happens on that day?
  4. What is its merit?
  5. What are its demerits?

Answer: A Hartal Day is synonymous with the English word ‘strike”. It is a day in which all the mills and factories, business farms, offices, educational institutions remain shut down. It is an instrument of protestation. The opposition political parties call hartals to protest against corruption, the illegal and unlawful activities of the ruling party. On a hartal day, roads and streets look desolate. Vehicles do not move on the roads. Most of the people cannot go to their respective places. Processions are brought out on the streets. The picketers burn tires and create barricades to stop the movement of the vehicles. Often clashes occur between the police and the picketers. Sometimes clashes take place between the supporters of the opposition and the ruling parties which results in some deaths. Sometimes the sounds of crackers and bomb explosions are heard. However, hartal creates a destructive influence on our personal, social and national life. The normal course of life is greatly hampered on a hartal day. Students cannot go to their educational institutions. So, they face a great loss in studies. Sick people cannot go to hospitals for treatment. Mills and factories have to stop their work. The total production of the country is terribly hampered. As a result, the economy of the country faces a heavy loss. After all, the hartal day is a peace destroying day for all classes of people.

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