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Report on Hartal And Its Effect

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Question: Suppose you are a reporter of a national daily. Make a report on “Hartal“.

Answer: Though hartal is a political weapon its frequent use in Bangladesh creates a lot of demerits. It is well known that Bangladesh is a democratic country. The political culture in Bangladesh is democratic. Democracy always upholds people’s right. In this sense, hartal is a right to the people. To establish the people’s right, political parties call hartal. The people of Bangladesh have much experience of hartal. There are a lot of demerits of hartal. The common people are the worst sufferers of it. On a hartal day, vehicles cannot move. As a result, people cannot reach their destination. Shops and markets are closed. The day laborers cannot get works. Schools and colleges remain closed. Examinations are stopped. So the examinees cannot participate in their exams. Hartal makes the most serious blow on our economy. As Bangladesh is a developing country, its economy is greatly damaged by hartal. Business leaders repeatedly ask political parties to avoid hartal. But it makes no result.

Considering its demerits, the civil society of Bangladesh thinks that we should seek an alternative of hartal.

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