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Short Essay on The Night Before an Examination

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[Hints: Introduction, Experience of neglectful examinees, Examinees. of excited nerves, Examinees having examination phobia, Examinees suffering from insomnia, Examinees planning for copying, ideal examinees, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The night before an examination is a night of anxiety to almost all examinees— good and bad. Every one feels weak mentally. This mental weakness mainly depends on the strength of their preparation and physical constitution.

Experience of neglectful examinees: To the neglectful examinees, the night before an examination appears more anxious and panicky. They do not get mental peace. They sit by their study-tables and prepare a list of probable questions. Then they make a desperat&attempt to get those questions by heart till the next morning.

Examinees of excited nerves: Some examinees take cigarette after cigarette or one cup of tea after another to keep off sleep. As a result, they feel feverish in the morning, take the advice of doctors and make their heads cool with cold water. Then being seized with panic, they go to the examination hall.

Examinees having examination phobia: There are some examinees who have examination phobia. They can not make up their mind what to do. They think themselves to be unworthy to sit for the examination. They can not recollect their reading. So they feel utter despair. Even they feel it better not to take part in their examinations than appear and fail.

Examinees suffering from insomnia: Some examinees suffer from insomnia on .the night before an examination. They try to sleep but can’t. They only turn on their beds from this side to that side.

Examinees planning for copying: Some examinees keep themselves busy throughout the night cutting pages of important topics. Some remain busy with copy-writing.. They make I various plans to copy in the examination hall.

Ideal examinees: There are also some examinees who do not feel so much uneasy on the night before an examination. They revise their questions and go to bed at usual hours. They go to the examination hall with clam and cool heads and do better there. Sa they may be called ideal examinees.

Conclusion: In fact, the night before an examination is a night of peculiar experience. To get rid of this trouble the examinees should prepare their lessons much earlier and try to pass this night with a normal state of mind. They should not lose heart. They will have to gain self-confidence.