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Report on Load Shedding or Failure of Electricity

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter for a daily newspaper. Write a report for your newspaper on “Load shedding“.

Failure Of Electricity

Answer: The inhabitants of Mohammadpur area have been suffering from load-shedding for a long time. About thirty thousand people live in this locality. The failure of electricity is now common. It makes conditions in offices and factories unfit for work. It tells upon the studies of the students and badly affects the productivity of the mills and factories. Besides, it leaves the dark area to the miscreants to do all kinds of anti-social activities. Hooliganism has become a common affair in this locality. The examinees suffer more. The local people have already attracted the attention of the authority but no remarkable improvement is found yet. It is high time the authorities concerned took effective steps so that the citizens might get rid of the troubles as early as possible.

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