Dialogue Between Myself and The Officer in Change (OC) About Anti-Social Works

Question: Suppose, anti-social works are very rampant in your locality. Anti-social elements have made your life hell. Peace loving people request you to meet and talk to the officer in charge (OC) of your thana. You are now at the thana. Write a dialogue between you two to the above effect.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and the officer-in-charge (OC) about anti-social works:

Myself: May I come in, sir?

Officer-in-charge: yes, come in. What can I do for you?

Myself: My home is not far from the Upazila Headquarters. But we are suffering from a very crucial problem.

Officer: What’s that?

Myself: Anti-social works like gambling, drinking alcohol and the like are very rampant in our locality. Anti-social elements have made our life hell.

Officer-in-charge: Did you inform the police earlier?

Myself: Yes, sir. But no action was taken. Besides, anti-social activities occur in broad daylight at random. Under the very nose of the civil administration and the police administration, the criminals loiter to and for. They do not care for anybody. There is none to challenge their anti-social activities.

Officer-in-charge: Can you extend co-operation towards the police?

Myself: Why not? Please, loving people are suffering from this problem a lot. They can resist the anti-social activities in a body.

Officer-in-charge: Ok. I am very pleased to have your logistic support. I must inform the higher authority and promise to take immediate action to stop anti-social works.

Myself: Thanks, you, sir. Kindly consider the insecure condition of the villagers.

Officer-in-charge: I am sending the force to patrol your locality right from today.

Myself: Many thanks.

Officer-in-charge: You’re, Welcome.

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