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Composition on My Daily Life

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My Daily Activities


Introduction: A daily life means a routine-bound disciplined life a routine-bound or a daily life is a must for everybody to reach his desired goal of life.

My daily life: I have well-designed and well-disciplined daily life to follow. I am a very well-designed and well-disciplined daily life to follow. I am very particular about my daily life. My daily life reminds me of the poet’s two lines.

“I slept and found   that life is beauty
A work and found that life is duty.”

My daily life is given below in brief:

Morning: I get up very early in the morning. I always try to follow the maximum.

“Early to bed and early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Fist I attend to the call of nature and brush my teeth and have a wash. Then I say my morning prayer and go out for a walk in the open air. Then I come back and sit to prepare my lessons. I finish my studies at nine. Then I talk about my bath. The bath over, I talk about my meal and rest for some time.

School-hour: Then I start for school. I usually go to school on foot. Now and then I avail myself of the rickshaw. I sit on the first bench and listen to my teachers with rapt attention. We have half an hour recess from 1 p.m.  To 1.30 p.m. Our school sits at 10 am and breaks up at 4.p.m. I come back home directly after school.

Afternoon: I come back home and then I take some light food and go out to play. I often take a walk by the riverside and enjoy the sunset scene. I have a garden of my own in front of our house. I work there with a spade from time to time. I have planted various kinds of flower plants in my garden. It helps me make the best use of my leisure time. It is my hobby too.

Night: I come back home before sunset. I wash my hands and face and say mu margin payer. Then I go to my reading room and study till 10 p.m. Then I say my Esha prayer and take my evening meal. I walk for some time following the maxim,

“After dinner rest a while
After supper walk a mile. ”

I spend a few minutes turning over the pages of magazines and newspapers. I also make some time for watching my favorite TV programs.

The necessity of daily life: It is needless to speak of the necessity of importance of following a daily routine in our life.

“Art is long, but time is short.”

Does will know the saying? Life indeed is full of a lot of tasks and duties. So everyone should have a daily routine to do his duties properly. None can do his duties properly and perfectly without having a well-designed daily life-written or unwritten. The man who does not follow a routine –bounded disciplined life cannot expect to succeed in life. This sort of life is like a ship without a rudder. Again, man is the architect of his own fate. He wants to leave behind him a lot of footprints of glorious deeds on the sands of time. A proverb also says.

“Man lives in deeds, not in years.”

To do so, a man must make a proper division of his time and does his duties accordingly. If he does so, he will find more to do more work. The more work means to earn more and live a more decent life than others, if he does otherwise, he is sure to repent when it is too late he will have to drag a miserable existence form day-to-day, this is why we can assert that necessity of following a daily routine is too much to be described in words.

Conclusion: daily life is the best life for us all. We cannot expect to reach the mission of our life without following routine-bound disciplined daily life. Let me express it in a poetic version,

“we should try to live a life of everyday,
And that is the way to be happy and gay”

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