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Composition on My Native Village

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The Village I Live In


Introduction: the village where I was born and brought up is my native village. It goes by the name of Dibuapur. It amounts to one of the most beautiful villages in Bangladesh. It is very sweet to lock into the fair and dreamy face of my village.

Location: our village is in the district of Patuakhali. A small river flows by the northern side of our village. There are vast green fields and meadows on the other three sides. It reminds us of the wise saying. “God made the country and man made the town.” it is an ideal village.

Population: our village is two million long and one mile wide. It has a population of about four thousand. Most of them are Muslims and few are Hindus. They are simple, incorrect, and peace-loving. They all work hand in hand with the motto, “each for all and all for each”. They observe different religious festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Durga Puja, and Laxmi puja in the festival mood.

Occupation: most of the people in our village are farmers. They grow rice, just add plenty of winter crops every year. There are also a few carpenters, fishermen, shopkeepers, and service-holder in our village. Besides, a good number of people work in foreign countries. Our people earn their living by the sweat of their brow. They work form down to dusk.

Communication: we have a good communication system in our village. It is highly developed and bears out the face well, “transport is civilization.” a network of metalled and unmetalled roads runs through the village to the district town and other important places. Our popular vehicles for transport are rickshaws, vans, tom-toms, country boats, etc.

Institutions: there is a high school, a college, two primary schools, a madrasah, and a union perished office in our village. There are also a health complex center resource center, a post office, a youth’s club, and a night school in our village. The results of our educational instructions are always praiseworthy.

Nature of houses: the pecuniary condition of our village is highly satisfactory. We almost all enjoy the amenities of modern life here. Most of the houses are made of tins. A few houses including educational institutions are made of bricks. The houses stand like vigilant guards on both sides of the roads.

Market and fair: a market sits here every Monday in the morning and lasts until sunset. This market is a good meeting for our villagers. They assemble in shops and tea stalls and gossip and talk about everything under the sky. They also held in our village every year on the first day of the Bangla new year. It is much looked for the occasion for the villagers. It acts as a great source of recreation and amusement to them.

Health and climate: the general health conditions of our village people are very good. We all enjoy sound health and peace of mind amidst clean and healthy and peace of mind amidst clean and healthy environments. Here we live a sweet life in moderate cold and heat. To quote the poet,

“our life here is a very sweet, in moderate clod and heat.
To walk in the open air, how pleasant and fair.
We are content to breathe our native air.”

Science betty: our village, to me, is a dreamland flowing with milk and money. It is full of ever-charming sights, sounds, and beauty. We go to bed with the songs of the birds at night and wake up again with the songs of birds in the morning. It can be viewed as a darling child of seems that nature has adorned our village lavishly with all the stocks of beauties and bounties at her disposal. It has made out village look like a beautiful virgin adorned with eye-catching ornaments, the marvelous beauty. In fact, our village is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Conclusion: we are proud of our village. We all love our village with all the warmth of our hearts. We are happy to have been born in such a beautiful village. May our village prosper day by day?

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