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Essay on Power Crisis in Bangladesh and it’s Solution

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Hints: Introduction, The Present Situation of Power in Bangladesh, Power Crisis and Govt Plans, Power Crisis and Public Opinions, Causes of Power Crisis, Influences and Result of Power Crisis, Means of Facing power crisis, Final Situation for Removing the Crisis, Conclusion.


The very wonderful invention of science is the root of the extreme excellence of civilization and its mountain high look we observe in the present world. The world situation, which we observed before the invention of electricity, has changed almost entirely by dint of electricity. So the necessity of electricity is undeniable on the way to the journey of human civilization. But there has arisen a big crisis due to the shortage of this essential power. The power crisis is not individual. Nowadays, it is a national and even an international crisis. Without an adequate supply of power, the chariot of human civilization is about to come to a stop. Any sort of production is almost impossible without electricity, though at present the alert societies and states are trying their best to overcome the crisis. The present situation of power in Bangladesh is leading our socio-economic development back. Due to power- crisis indescribable suffering of the people is created.

The Present Situation of Power in Bangladesh

The Present Situation of Power in Bangladesh is very bad. Inadequacy in power production hinders all kinds of developments. Now in the country, per-head power production is 220 KW/hr. Accordingly, only 47% of the total people are getting the opportunity of power, but in comparison to the production and demand, it is seen that for the developing countries like ours the power supply is not on the mare at all. Consequently, all the development work has become stable. Alongside the local investment, foreign investors are huddling back in the fear of being looser. But for this retreat state development is not at pace at all, though the individual investors are capable of being out of loss. And even, by day, load-shedding is rampant for power-crisis. In such a critical moment of power-crisis mismanagement and corruption of the authority have made the crisis more mature. The consumption of power stealthily, violation of rules in bill collection and payment, illegal electric connection, etc hinder the usual flow of electricity. According to data of 2009-10 fiscal year in the got sector of the country, the power production is 3932 MW and 2101 MW in the non-govt sector. But reliable and not production is 4296 MW which is not at all adequate. Besides, a great portion of the power produced is being wasted in various ways.

Power Crisis and Govt Plans

Self-dependence in power production and in meeting its demand is at the root of the development of the industrially developed countries of the world. The USA, Japan, China, the Uk, etc have kept the unbroken production of power unhindered for all kinds of development. But in comparison to the industrially developed countries, the power crisis in our country has assumed a dreadful form. To mitigate the crisis Bangladesh Govt has taken manifold plans. As a part of the plan’s first phase 300 MW power plant based on oil is being set up on hire, and it will be implemented on an emergency basis by the 2010-2015 fiscal years. Besides, step to set up 820 MW oil-based Combined Cycle and Peking IPP Power Plant, 2600 MW coal-based power plant and 114 MW renewable fuel-based power plant has been taken. By 2015 about 9364 MW power plant will be connected with the National Grid if the projects under govt planning are realized. But it is understood from a reliable source that for various reasons the plans are not getting so a great pace.

Power Crisis and Public Opinions

Now the acuteness of the power crisis is so much that the public is discontent. Again, in this sector, they have blamed the govt indifference and planless steps. They are a victim of extreme suffering in their daily life, and for this, they are coming dowing on the streets with the claim of power, and are bringing out various programer of unbearable monuments like slogan, meeting, Strike which affect the usual life-style of the country. They make life unstable as well. Their displeasure centers around various organizations and institutions related to power production as well. In the field of power supply, the employees and officials of various organizations of the country like PDB, RPDB, DESA, and GCB are continuing to try to enjoy manyfold advantages. Consequently, they are always tangled with corruption. Because of power-crisis small enterprise news and investors are greatly being hampered. Their only claim is the immediate solution to the power crisis.

Causes of Power Crisis

In Bangladesh, there are different causes of power crisis or shortage. The crisis has not been created all of a sudden.Para lang period the crisis has gone to the extreme bit by bit. The main causes of power crisis are as follow :

  1. Mismanagement and corruption in the case of power supply
  2. The want of modernization of the case of power plants
  3. Fruitless planning of govt
  4. The impossibility for supplying adequate row materials to produce hydro- electricity and thermo-electricity
  5. Govt dependent motive
  6. Excessive system loss of power
  7. Corruption and violation of rules by the institutions and organizations concerned
  8. Capital-crises for setting up power plant
  9. Absence of due step for thwarting the waste of power and
  10. Political indecision and bureaucratic complexity

Influences and Result of Power Crisis

The industrial development and production of a country are seriously hampered if a power crisis arises. Lucid of people being disastrous the usual pace of the state and the society comes to a standstill. In this circumstanced, the developing country like Bangladesh, in the field of development, will undoubtedly lag. influences and results of power crisis are as follow:

  1. Economic development is frustrated
  2. Agricultural production along with irrigation system is hundred
  3. The study of the learners is hampered
  4. Industrial production is hindered
  5. Small, mediocre, and foreign investors become reluctant to invest
  6. Instability and despair arise in the industrial and productive sector

Means of Facing Power Crisis

The present power crisis is making all the country’s all classes of people think. To overcome the crisis different groups are opening different opinions or means. For example: –

  1. 1) Establishment of new power plant with high productivity
  2. Increase in govt or non-govt investment
  3. Adoption of solar power project
  4. Repair and activation of the ancient power plants
  5. Modernization of the ancient power plants
  6. Establishment of wind-based power plants
  7. Establishment of nuclear power plants
  8. Increase in non-govt inclination and entrepreneurship for power production
  9. Penalizing for all kinds of corruptions
  10. Abatement of system-loss
  11. Adoption of steps for making public awareness.
  12. Keeping shops and business centers in running phase till an appointed times
  13. Saving the power sector from political interest and bureaucratic complications,
  14. Equal distribution and due preservation of the produced power and
  15. Establishment of district base power production and supply center.

Final Situation for Removing the Crisis Many arguments have appeared about the final govt steps or plans for removing the power crisis. Govt failure, especially about the realization of the plans has widely been criticized. For the rapid removal power crisis, the govt has appointed the local and foreign companies who are under non-govt sectors. In this case, the govt does not worry about the price. Once upon a time, our country was enriched with a lot of gases. But now the experts predict that there is a short age of gases. In the circumstances, the companies are going to the power production with the imported furnace oil and diesel. In this situation, the govt agrees to pay a subsidy. To overcome the power crisis the govt has taken such a pilot project. But, it does not seem that the project is being greatly virtual and so the govt, in this field, has failed to scatter confidence in the mind of people.


In fine, it can be said that now the power is indissolubly linked with the overall development of a country. At present, the power crisis is not in the phase of personal problems. The power crisis is a great impediment to national development and advancement. In facing a power crisis alongside govt, the general people and civil society have to come forward as well.

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