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Essay on Problems Of Dhaka City

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Hints: Introduction, Problems: Power Crisis, Traffic Jam, Housing Problem, Water Crisis, Air Pollution, Sound Pollution, Odor Pollution, Gas Crisis, Conclusion.


Dhaka, the capital, is the most densely populated city in Bangladesh. With nearly over 13 million people the country is a developing one as well. By 2020, this megacity’s population is expected to rise to 22-25 million. The city, playing a vital role in Bangladesh politics, economy, etc. is a focal point to the rest of the world. But for manifold lackings in the infrastructural framework, the development here is greatly hindered; the wheels of development are moving with cracking sound which instigates the slow pace of development. The reasons behind this are some major problems like power crisis, traffic jam, housing problem, water crisis and pollution, gas crisis, etc. For all these problems now Dhaka is a problematic city, resulted from unplanned town planning. For such a hotchpotch all the citizens living here are horrified to a great extent.

Problems Problems, as noted above, are described below:

Power Crisis: Power is the root of the existence of civilization and we observe its mountain-high look in the present world. But the power situation in Dhaka city and even in the whole of Bangladesh is very deplorable. Including govt. and non govt. sectors now Bangladesh generates 5271 MW electricity in total whereas the needed amount is 6500 MW. The rural areas demand 2400 MW per day. But REB can supply half of the said amount only in the capital areas.

Matter of regret that this amount cannot meet the demand of Dhaka city. Consequently, the production problem in mills and factories is going up day by day. During load shedding, various anti-social activities like killing, hijacking, stealing, etc. become unbridled.

Traffic Jam: Traffic jam is another plague for the transportation and timely movement in the city. It has gone to the extreme phase recently. It is difficult to move here especially during office hours. Most streets and roads become stagnant for innumerable vehicles plying here. Some problems like lack of effective plans and strategies, location of commercial places in residential areas, the capture of footpaths by hawkers, irregular car parking, the plying of huge rickshaws, violation of traffic laws, overpopulation, the poor infrastructural format of roads and communication, etc., work as the catalyst of the traffic problems in the city. The common scenery, that every year immediately before the rainy season or with the very arrival of this season, road digging, in the name of reconstruction, mainly in the residential areas begins which brings about multifarious hazards to the citizens. In this situation, a cheaper vehicle like a rickshaw hesitates to enter into the residential areas as a result of which jam increases on the streets. Of course, it is a hope for the people now that an act is going to be enacted under traffic laws, and this is a maximum of five-year imprisonment of the reckless drivers.

Housing Problem: The housing problem is a major problem in city areas especially in Dhaka city. The problem has become more dangerous in Dhaka among all the cities of Bangladesh. Among the total shortage of urban areas, 65% is in the Dhaka City Corporation area and it is taking more severe shape day by day. If we discard the shortage of houses in Dhaka city, there is another problem even. The problem is the close location of the existing houses here, and it can be termed as a major ‘environmental problem’, no doubt. Scarcity of land has become a serious problem here. As a result, the price of land is geometrically increasing day by day. It is noted that only 16 years ago the price of land was 3 to 5 lakhs per Katha in main Dhaka. But the irony is that people cannot purchase only one Katha in main Dhaka for even 50 lacks at present. For all these, it is undeniable that in comparison with the area of Dhaka city, the number of houses, mostly built violating the obligatory building code, has out-numbered, and for this, the environment has been stuffy causing numerous problems. After an unexpected earthquake, the aftermath will be gruesome because of the densely located houses.

Water Crisis: In city areas power crisis and water crisis are directly interlinked. The cause is that here water is generally drawn or supplied by an electric motor. Due to the power crisis, WASA often fails to supply sufficient water in the City Corporation area. Various newspapers of the country are the witness that lots of city women and children are standing in a long queue for procuring water in rice pot or jar or jug from roadside taps. Again, for the leakages of water pipelines, water is contaminated, and by drinking this impure water citizens are attacked with various water-borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, etc. Sometimes, the attachment of sewerage lines with WASA lines pollutes the water.

Air Pollution: Now comes the question of air pollution, now a common phenomenon in Dhaka city. Industries, vehicles, etc. in the city produce huge smokes and harmful gases like chlorofluorocarbons which pollute the air. According to WHO, about one-fifth of the world’s people are exposed to hazardous levels of air pollutants. A recent scientific study has said that all the air of Dhaka city has been leaded like Tokyo of Japan. Consequently, our city has been enlisted as a polluted city among the world’s top ten polluted cities.

Sound Pollution: Sound pollution is another form of environmental pollution existing in Dhaka. Sound, exceeding the maximum acceptable limit, may be termed as sound pollution. Machines, aero-planes, motors, chaos in the marketplaces, public meetings, etc. create sound pollution. The sources of sound pollution indicate how far-reaching the sound pollution is in Dhaka city.

Odor Pollution: Stinking is the only source of odor pollution. The untreated dustbins lying here and there are the main sources of odor pollution. Besides, on the skirt of the city and in places of the downtown there are lots of shanty areas where there are no proper sewerage and sanitation systems. These areas are a vital point of odor pollution.

Gas Crisis: The gas crisis is also a major turning point of the Dhaka city problems. From before noon till afternoon gas remains absent in the pipelines as a result of which the citizens cannot prepare the noonday meals. Of course, cooking is also hampered by a lack of available water. Our gas crisis has accelerated the close-down of Sangu Gasfield. Sometimes, in many households of the city gas is wasted because of all time burning off the Chula. In such a critical moment we have to hear that govt. is going to export gas. What a wonderful idea! Nowadays, Dhaka is beset with multifarious problems. For the weak-ness in law and order situation antisocial activities like killing, hijacking, kidnapping, assassination, raping, smuggling and the like are rampant in Dhaka city now. Every day we have to have the news of these in almost in every newspaper; we hear from radio and watch on TV that BNP leader Ilias is missing from his house lawn at Gulshan, that the child Porag is kidnapped from his school front at broad daylight, that an unknown girl’s dead body has been found in MP Hostel and the so forth. However, problems are unlimited, remedies are limited.


Procrastination is the thief of time, and the traffic jam of Dhaka city is dragging the citizens towards procrastination by killing time. Hair Jheel Project has been realized to lessen Dhaka city traffic jams like a heavy stone on the bosom of the city. It is regret to say, now Hair Jheel is a recreation spot for the young boys and girls only, so far we observe; traffic jam is in the same phase as before. Problems of Dhaka city know no bounds. Some are indescribable while some cannot be described in short. People from all other spots of the country get together here for various work, official and unofficial. Most people from outside are not acquainted with the environment of this city. While moving in the city, they sometimes confront some unexpected events such as killing, hijacking, raping, theft, cheating, robbery, etc. To say the truth, for unbridled power-cut and uncontrolled price-hike, especially in this city, they have to face such situations. Therefore, the beginning and end of the description of Dhaka city problems are already a problem itself. To give the city an international standard the govt. should try its best to find out fruitful scientific solutions to the problems mentioned above. Otherwise, the city will lose the dignity of a megacity shortly.

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