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Paragraph on A Railway Porter

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Question: Write a paragraph by answering the following questions in about 180 words.

  1. Who is a railway porter?
  2. How does he look like?
  3. What kind of dress does he wear?
  4. What are their activities?
  5. How does he live?

Answer: A railway porter is a person who carries goods in a railway station. A railway porter is quite a Known figure in the railway station. He wears on his arm a brass plate given to him by the railway authority. The brass plate bears his number. He is swift in his movement. He is strong and stout. He is able to carry heavy loads. He carries luggage. He loads and unloads the goods train. Railway porter is very clever. He can easily exploit the passengers. When a passenger falls into trouble and becomes helpless for his heavy luggage. a porter demands a higher charge. He is ill-tempered and quarrelsome. He likes to bargain with the passengers for his charge. if any passenger brings charges against him of his misbehavior, the passenger is sure to be harassed by the porter and his associates. The income of a railway porter is very low. Yet he renders a great service to people.

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