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Paragraph on A Bus Stand

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A bus stand is a place where buses stop to enable people to get on or get down from them. There may be waiting for shelters for the passengers at the busy bus stands, in big cities. But in most cases, people wait under the open sky. A bus stand is always a crowded place in the city. The buses are found jam-packed all over the country. In a bus stand, sometimes, there may be found small shops where passengers can buy snacks, betel leaves, newspapers, etc. Often hawkers are seen selling peanuts and chocolates in and around the bus stop. It is also a favorite resort of pickpockets. A bus stand usually remains dirty and uncared. It, however, plays a key role in the communication sector of the country. So, the bus stand is the most important and essential place for the people at large.


Paragraph on A Bus Stand or A Bus Stop

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Bus Stand/A Bus Stop’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is the bus stand?
  2. Who comes here?
  3. What kind of place is it?
  4. What do the helpers and conductors do?
  5. What do the hawkers do?

Answer: A bus station is a halting place for the buses. Here passengers get down from the bus and get into the bus. It is a noisy place. Passengers buy tickets and wait in the waiting rooms. Some move here and there. After the arrival of a bus, passengers get down. The new passengers also try to get the bus. Porters are busy. They move heavy loads on their head. There are some tea stalls and book stalls at the station. Hawkers sell bread, cigarettes, nuts, etc. The latrines in the waiting rooms are dirty. People discharge near the bus station. Pickpockets move to pickpockets. So, a bus station is a noisy and crowded place.

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