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Tips to Become a Good Writer

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If you want to be a good writer put it in your heart and all good things will follow, just try and try until you reach your goal! Never quit and always ask for the help of those professionals.

Top 25 Tips on How to Become a Good Writer

  1. Just write! Don’t worry about editing when you’ve started writing. If it sounds weird and awkward the first time, don’t worry about it. If it’s every single sentence you write you to edit the first time, you’re just going to drive yourself crazy. Think of it as a creative guy and an editor guy in your head. First, let the creative guy, the writer, go crazy first with writings and ideas. Then, afterward, let the strict, critical editor guy come out.
  2. If you have trouble motivating yourself to write every day, start a blog. For example, you could publish parts of a story serially online. The thought that other people might be looking for updates will inspire you to provide them.
  3. Read about writing. There are many good books on the subject for a variety of writing styles and genres.
  4. Write to a particular audience. You may want to practice writing to an imaginary audience, such as people in the future, or a general audience. Having an audience in mind will help immensely in focusing your writing.
  5. Consider your purpose for your writing. It will help you to have focus.
  6. Experiment. If you normally write short fiction, try a poem now and then. Write nonfiction sometimes.
  7. Write letters. The Internet makes it easier than ever to find a pen pal with similar interests in another country. In addition to practicing your writing, you will very likely get a new perspective, as well.
  8. Write when you feel inspired. Keep a notebook handy and write, write, write. At least scribble some notes for later.
  9. Write about what is most important to you. What bothers you? What inspires you?
  10. Do not leave the page blank. If you do not know what to write, start writing anything at all. Even if you begin with. “This is boring and I don’t know what to write,” you may soon find yourself writing something more.
  11. Make lists. Are you writing a short story? Create an outline of the events. Are you a poet? List vivid adjectives or rhyming words for your poem. Are you working on an informative piece? Use a list to narrow down your topic or organize key facts. Are you unable to find a topic? Keep a list of topic ideas. Try brainstorming with the following ideas:
    • Questions that you would ask someone famous
    • Things that you would do if there were no risk
    • Things that you would do with a million dollars
    • Names that you would give an exotic pet.
  12. Create a setting and take your reader there. Vividly describe the setting to your reader. If you are writing a story that takes place in another region or another time, add some local color. If you are working on nonfictional writing about Morocco, tell your reader about the charms of Morocco. Write about it as though you have traveled to Morocco yourself. Pretend that you are writing a travel brochure, and do some research. What would make your reader want to visit Morocco?
  13. Writing fiction? Need some inspiration? Try writing in a colorful room. Believe it or not, it brings out your imagination!
  14. Don’t get discouraged. Every day I hear that it’s almost impossible to get published or even write a book. The truth is it’s hard to write a book, but it’s not impossible. Keep writing, don’t listen to those people, and don’t dwell on the negatives.
  15. Screw the publishers. If you can’t get someone to publish your story that’s their problem. Keep trying and soon enough you’ll find someone that will give you a chance. It just might take a while.
  16. Sometimes it helps to not try to work at all. All you have to do is write. You don’t have to save stuff like that for your journal. Just write.
  17. To be a great writer you could find out other people’s desires. You could try writing about amazing experiences that you have been through and then twist it around a bit to make it a more exciting moment. One other piece of advice on how to be a great writer is that you should love it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Write what you want to write about, and you’ll get it right.
  18. Above all, don’t be afraid. Sit down and write. But write at least one or two paragraphs every day, if possible at the same hour of the day.
  19. Discipline will be necessary. Writing every day at the same time regardless of how you may feel will help you to gain this discipline and the willpower you need to continue and finish whatever you begin to write.
  20. You cannot write one week and forget the next or skip a day because you don’t feel inspired. Just sit and work whether it’s a short story, an article, or a book.
  21. Don’t sit on it too long or you could end up doing something else. You may simply give up and continue daydreaming for the rest of your life.
  22. If it’s an article make sure you have all the facts in front of you. Interviews, research, and any background information you can find. Make sure there are no doubts in your mind as to the veracity of your facts.
  23. Since your mind is a complex yet marvelous computer, you will discover that as you move along in your writing, words will flow and appear from ether itself to help enhance your writing and inspiration whatever this may be.
  24. Sure, you need discipline but don’t solely look at writing as work. It actually is fun. Don’t stress yourself out. If you are not at all willing to write at a particular moment(not even a little bit) then don’t write. The real things won’t flow if you’re not ready for them too.
  25. If you want to be a good writer just read a lot, write every day, and do not give up.

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