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Paragraph on How I Enjoyed the Last Summer Vacation

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Question: Imagine you are a student of Class VII from a town. You spent your last summer vacation in a village. Now write a paragraph on how you passed the last summer vacation by answering the following questions:

  1. Why did you decide to pass in the village?
  2. What did you see in the village?
  3. Who accompanied you in the village?
  4. Which gave you much delight?

Answer: My father is a service holder, I spent most of my life in the town. It was my long days’ desire to spend a summer vacation in the village. My uncle lives in the village. So, I went there to pass the last summer vacation. My uncle and other family members were very glad to see me. My cousin accompanied me all the time. Every day I got up early in the morning and enjoyed the fresh air of the morning. We roamed through the green fields, mango gardens, the riverside, village market etc.