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Paragraph on My Visit to One of My Friends’ House

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Question: Suppose you went to one of your friend’s house. You stayed a few days there. Now write how you enjoyed it there.

My Visit to One of My Friends’ House

Answer: Asif is my friend. His village home is in Sylhet. On the occasion of last summer vacation, I went to his house to spend a few days there. All the members of Asif s family especially his parents received me with their deep warmth of heart. They were beside themselves with joy to have me in their midst after a long gap. His village is a place of scenic beauty. It is surrounded by a vast expanse of green scenery. I lost myself in the midst of nature. The thing that attracted me most was the tea gardens which were not very far away from their house. I used to go there with Asif very often and let loose ourselves there. They have a big pond which abounds with fishes. Sometimes I used to fish there. I also swam in the pond. I was there so happy that I could not realize how my days came to an end.

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