Paragraph on How I Learn To Swim

Question: You did not know how to swim. It was not long ago you learned swimming. Write a paragraph describing how you learned to swim. Use the following keywords to write your paragraph.

At first, then, when, but, and, however

Answer: I live in a town. I did not know to swim. Occasionally I went to villages. But I never set my feet in any water. Bangladesh lies in the tropical region. Every year, water occupies much of its land. Moreover, it is a common matter that floods visit our country almost every year. So, I decided to learn swimming. During the last summer holidays, I visited my maternal uncle’s house in a village. My maternal uncle has a big but shallow pond. I disclosed my latent desire to cousin Baba He is a good swimmer. He took me to their pond and at first; he set his hands under my belly then, he asked me to cast my hands and feel. When I began to drive my hands and feet very quickly, he took out his hands under my belly. But I could not realize it. continued for several days And I became a good swimmer. But my first-day practice was really an unpleasant experience. I gulped a lot of water, sank several times and some water entered my nose and ears. However, I had some pains but learn to swim.

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