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Essay on The Forces of Nature

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The forces of nature are constantly at work on our planet. Wind, fire, water, lightning, volcanic activities are all ceaseless forces of nature that destroy and create at the same time Lightning strikes down a tree and another grows in its place. Floodwaters wash away a whole tract of land only to deposit soil on it. Volcanic eruptions tear open mountains and the lava that flows makes the surrounding soil fertile. The forces of nature take no consideration of man’s preferences. They just do their work as they have done for millions of years.

We are all subject to the forces of nature though we try to protect ourselves as much as possible. Rain lashes down, the sun beats relentlessly, drought kills our crops, floods wash away our houses while we try to avoid them. Sometimes we can and sometimes we cannot.

I have had a few life-threatening encounters with the forces of nature. I have to say that they are not something to fool around with.

Water nearly took my life one day while I was playing in chest-deep water in the sea. The tide rose so quickly that a couple of mends and I were caught unaware. In less than a minute the water was over our heads. We struggled to keep afloat. It was a struggle because an undertow kept dragging us out to sea. I was the weakest swimmer and soon I was so tired that I wanted to give up. Fortunately, my friends urged me to keep swimming while they helped to push me towards the shore. After what seemed an eternity, the undertow diminished and we were able to swim back to shore. Exhausted I could only lie on the blessed sand and be grateful that the sea did not claim me that day.

Another time lightning struck a tree about fifty meters from me. The fifteen-meter tali tree was split into three parts and great chunks of it were scattered over a wide area I was fortunate not to be hit by any of the flying chunks. The roofs of some nearby houses were damaged by the chunks. If I had been closer to the tree I would have either been roasted by the lightning bolt or mowed down by the flying chunks.

These were only two potentially fatal episodes that had happened to me. I am sure other people have had similar or closer brushes with the forces of nature. The less fortunate ones may have been injured or lost a limb or two to these forces. The really unfortunate ones lose their lives.

The forces of nature are here to stay. After all, there would not be any Earth to live in if these forces do not exist. They are the agents of destruction and creation, the necessary elements of our beloved planet.

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