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Paragraph on A Village Market

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A village market is an important place for the villagers. We find a village a village market in almost every village of Bangladesh. A village market generally sits at the junction of roads, under a big banyan tree or the bank of a canal or a river. Villagers sell and buy their daily necessaries. It sits in the afternoon and breaks at nightfall. It generally sits twice a week. A village market has various parts. But it has mainly two parts – permanent shops and temporary shops. In the permanent shop’s people buy clothes, medicine, paper, rice etc. from the temporary shops, people buy vegetables, milk, and fish. The fish market is the most crowded of all. It is the noisiest too. The betel-leaf seller sits in a corner under the shed. He is a busy seller. A village market plays an important role in the life of the villagers. It is their meeting place. They meet their friends and relatives there. They discuss village politics and settle disputes. The village postman finds it a unique place to deliver letters, money orders etc. there are two kinds of markets – daily markets and ‘hats’. Daily markets open in the morning and break up at 2 p.m. generally ‘hats’ sit twice in a week. It opens in the afternoon and breaks up at night. A village market shows the simplicity of the villagers. It is the best study of the character and standard of a village. Village markets are very important in rural areas. The villagers cannot do without it. But markets are dusty, nasty and unsanitary. Their condition should be improved.


A Village Market

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘village market’ used by the following key-words: Buy; Center; Place; Week; Bazar; Permanent; Meeting.

Answer: a village market is a place where villagers meet to buy and sell things. It is a useful buying and selling center for the villagers. It generally sits at an open place on the outskirt of a village or by the side of a river or a canal or a road. There are two kinds of village markets. Many of them sit once or twice a week. These are called hats. Again, big and rich villages have daily Bazars. Hats usually sit in the evening while Bazars sit in the morning and continue until mid-day. There are permanent and temporary shops in the village market. On the market day, many shops sit outside under the open sky. Rice, vegetables, fish, poultry and house-made things are bought and sold in the market. Fish and betel leaves have the largest sale. A village market is the meeting place of the villagers. They also get news and views from here.

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