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Essay on A Village Market

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[Hints: Introduction, Place/Site/Where held/Location, Kind of village market, Kind of shops, Articles for Sale, Attraction, Noise and activity, Necessity, Usefulness/Importance/Utility, Drawback/ Disadvantages/ Demerits, Merit, Conclusion]

Introduction: In a general sense, a market is a place where buying and selling goods are performed. A village market is a public place where village people meet to buy and sell goods necessary for daily life. So a village market is very essential to the village people.

Place/Site/Where held/Location: A village market is generally held at a particular place. Most of the village markets are situated on the bank of a river or canal. It often stands by the side of a high way or a railway station. In fact, a village market offers a very easy and cheap means of communication.

Kind of village market: There are two kinds of village market the daily market and periodic market. The daily market or bazaar sits in every morning and breaks up before noon. Fish, vegetable, milk and what not are sold there. The periodic market or hat sits at noon once or twice a week and it breaks up late in the evening. Some village markets deal in cows, goats, buffaloes etc.

Kind of shops/ Articles for sale/Arrangement of shops: A village market has different kinds of shop. Shops are arranged according to articles for sale. Generally, permanent shops and temporary shops are the basic factors in the village market. But in the real sense of the form, a village market has three sections on open space, temporary sheds, and permanent sheds. Milk, vegetables, betel -nuts, fruits etc. are sold in the open space. The temporary sheds are for selling oil, fish, salt, gur, spices and other stationery items. The permanent shops are for selling cloth, garments, shoes, medicine and all other items of household requirements. Some permanent shops such as barber’s shop, blacksmith’s shop, tea stalls can also be seen in the village market. The tea stalls are generally kept open all day long.

Articles for Sale: A village market supplies the daily necessaries to the villager. The common items that are sold in a village, are food crops such as rice, wheat, pulse, flour etc. Seeds and seedlings, vegetables, fish, meat, grocery, poultry, and gur are available in the village market. Besides, jute, cotton, animal skin, clothes, seasonal fruits etc. are bought and sold in the village market. There the fish market is a very noisy place. Niggling is mostly done in those places. Fish, milk, vegetables, rice, pulse etc. are generally cheaper in the village markets because these are available in the village. Clothes, shoes, suitcases are dearer or costly because they are brought here from the towns paying charges of conveyance.

Attraction: A village market is full of attraction. The fish market is the finest attraction to the villagers. The vegetable market is also enjoyable. Noise and activity: A village market is full of the fixed price of many things. Generally, articles are sold on haggling. Buyers sometimes become embarrassed about buying goods. The area where the fishermen sit for the sale of fish is the most crowded part is a village market.

Necessity: A village market is vitally co-related with the rural life. The village people cannot always go to the town to buy had to sell useful things. So, they none to go to the village market to meet their needs. In fact, a village market is an essential place. Usefulness/Importance/Utility: The usefulness or importance of a village market is very great. The life of the villagers would become difficult without a village market. Its full fills the basic needs both economically and socially. A critic opines, “The soul of the village market is wholly related with that of the villagers.

In village markets, local villagers sell the goods they produce and buy what they need. All kinds of food and daily necessaries are sold and bought there. It is a business center. It also serves as the meeting place of the villagers. The villagers can meet each other and exchange views on different matters. So a village market is very useful to the villagers.

Drawback/Disadvantages/ Demerits: There are some disadvantages in village markets. It creates disturbances. It is a noisy and unhealthy place. There are no public sweepers for sweeping away rubbish and filth from the market. The villagers quarrel over trifling matters. They sometimes waste their valuable time by gossiping. Fancy articles are not available in the village market. In some village markets, medicine shops are not available.

Merit: In spite of all these disadvantages, a village market renders great services to the rural people. It saves them from the hands of the hankers who sell their articles at an exorbitant price. It also saves the poor people from the trouble and expense of going to a distant place for the purchase of articles of daily need.

Conclusion: Finally it can be said that a village market plays a very vital role and is an important part i.if the village people. It does a lot of benefits to the people of the villages. People of the villages cannot do even a single day without a village market. So this place of national interest should be kept free from hygienic in all ways. It is expected that the Govt. should take effective plan to make the village market more beneficial for the village life.

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