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Short Paragraph on A Village Market

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Village Market‘ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is the village market?
  2. Where is it held?
  3. What is Bazar?
  4. What is haat?
  5. What are available here

Answer: A village market is a very important place for the villagers. It usually sits by the side of a road, cannel or river. Generally, a village market sits for a week. There are some permanent shops in the village market. On the market days, temporary shopkeepers come to sell their merchandise and sit in their small sheds. The village farmers also come to sell their products and other things like bamboos, fuel materials, homemade articles of household use and agricultural implements. With the sale proceeds, they do their weekly marketing. A village market is a meeting place where the people meet their friends and relatives and exchange their news and views. This is why the village market is very useful for the villagers.


A Village Market

Question: Write a description of ‘A Village Market’. In your paragraph, explain the place of the market, kinds of markets sellers and buyers, goods displayed and its importance.

Answer: A village market is the selling and buying center of the villagers. It is held in open space in the center of the surrounding village. The paths of the village lead to the marketplace. There is a difference between a ‘Hat’ and ‘A Market’. A Hat is not held like a market daily. However, there are various kinds of shops in the village market. The villagers get rice, dal, vegetables, fish, meat and all other necessaries of their daily lives from the market. Farmers come from far and near there with their products to sell them off. They sometimes rejoice at their profit and despond over their loss. A village market is the main center of economic activity of the village. The traders of the village carry on good business there. Thus, the villagers bear a vital importance in the life of the village market and It very much helps to develops our rural economy.

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