Paragraph on A Picnic I Joined


  • When did it take place?
  • How many people joined it?
  • Where did you go for the picnic?
  • How did you enjoy yourselves?
  • What was its effect on you?

Answer: Picnic keeps our mind fresh and removes our dailies monotony. In the latter part of last December, I joined a picnic party. It was a small one. It consisted of ten students, one teacher, and a bearer. According to a previous decision, we went to a lonely place near DEPZ in Saver. A minibus was enough to carry us to the place. To save time, we took cooked food with us. We, however, made our own morning and afternoon tea. We spent the whole morning in sightseeing. There are still some green belts around Savar. Sometimes we walked along the roads and sometimes we went into to the orchard or a small wood. The beauty of the green trees and bushes made us spellbound. While returning, we followed different roads. We spent most of the time talking and laughing. At I o’clock we had our lunch. Then we took a rest, talked, and laughed freely. We played a few cassettes on a tape recorder and three students to the National Memorial, but we could not see much of it. About sunset, we started for Dhaka. A day spent in enjoyment gave us new energy and zeal to work and study with renewed interest.

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